Kathryn Cramer Career Development Award
April 1, 2020

The Kathryn Cramer Career Development Award provides orthopedic
traumatologists with the financial support to start a research path early
in their careers. This award honors Dr Kathryn Cramer by fostering
senior orthopedic residents, orthopedic trauma fellows, and junior
orthopedic trauma faculty who are interested in educational and
research endeavors in orthopedics.

Who should apply?

Applicants should be senior residents entering fellowship, fellows with
a MD or DO degree pursuing careers in orthopedic traumatology and
orthopedic traumatologists in their first two years of practice are eligible
to apply.

Amount of the Award:
Maximum of $15,000 for a one year period.

Period of Grant:
From date of grant approval through June 30 of the following academic

Apply Now!
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