North American Spine Education Committee

AO Spine Faculty Application

Mission Statement
The AO SNAEC will serve to oversee the Spine-related educational activities of AO Spine and AO North America, based on the needs of the participants, with special emphasis on designing improved methods of education using the 7 principles of learning, documenting the effectiveness of the educational activities, course planning and instructor development.

Types of CME Offerings
Educational offerings will include annual courses, symposia and workshops targeted to surgeons specializing in the management of spinal disorders. These educational offerings may incorporate lecture presentations by Faculty, surgical video instruction, small group instruction and discussions that include case presentations, perioperative planning assessments and techniques, and hands-on laboratory sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to observe and practice surgical techniques and applications utilizing simulated anatomically-correct bone models and applicable instruments and implants.

Committee Structure
AO SNAEC will consist of eight (8) voting members two of which will be the Chair and Chair-Elect. The CME Advisor position will be held by one of the existing Committee members. The Immediate Past Chair is a non-voting member effective following the Committee Chair's term of office. Serving as ex-officio members will be the AO NA Director of Physician CME, AO NA Educational Development Manager, the Administrative Director AO Spine North America, and the ECVSC member of the CME Advisory Board.

In keeping with the same guidelines as AOSpine International, the terms of the Committee Chair will be three (3) years, Chair-Elect two (2) years and Immediate Past Chair will be one (1) year. The term of Committee members will be three (3) years based on the calendar year. The Committee will appoint new members as members rotate off. Inclusion of Consultants will be at the discretion of the Committee.

A member must remain off the Committee for a minimum of three (3) years before being eligible for reappointment. The Committee will endeavor to balance the appointments by career stage, subspecialty interest and geographic region. Committee members are chosen from the membership of AO North America based on teaching ability, contributions to Courses and duration of service.

Committee Function
The Committee will meet a minimum of three times per year (winter, spring, and late summer/fall). The winter and late summer/fall meetings will be full Committee meetings at a time and place to be determined by the Chair. The spring meeting will be conducted via conference call. The Committee Chair will be a member of the AO Spine North America Education Committee, which reports to the Executive Committee of AO North America and to the AO Spine North America Board.

A part of each meeting agenda will be devoted, but not limited to:
  1. Evaluation of recent courses
  2. Discussion of new approaches
  3. Implementation of required program changes
  4. Standardization of course content
  5. Evaluating educator effectiveness
  6. Requests for courses
  7. Future Course Chairmen and locations
  8. Consideration of new Faculty applications
  9. Other business as required
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