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29 April 2021

Long-Term Fellowship Program

AO Trauma NA actively supports education and research through its Long-Term Fellowship (LTF) Program.  The LTF Program is created, developed, driven, and monitored by the AO Trauma North America Fellowship Committee.

This program is considered one of the main strategic efforts for the development and training of trauma surgeons across North America, and requires a significant amount of time, dedication, and effort from committee members.  The Committee continuously holds critical evaluations of the LTF Program to ensure fellows are receiving the quality and excellence in training that is synonymous with the AO.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve oversight of the LTF Program, the Fellowship Committee has been hard at work refining the selection process towards a transparent, non-conflicted process, taking into consideration a program’s resources and track record for educating fellows, as well as faculty and fellow involvement with AO Trauma North America.  The entire process is committee driven.

There are eight members of the AO Trauma NA Fellowship Committee, representing both USA and Canada. Each member evaluates and grades each application. The scoring involves a 100-point rubric, with points assigned for clinical volume, acuity, and faculty number/expertise. This information is obtained by self-reporting, with several methods available to provide supporting data.

Fellow research is considered with regards to resources for research and output of fellows who have passed through the program. Points are given for the ongoing AO involvement of the center, including the faculty, and the fellows. Also considered is the feedback from previous fellows of the program. Finally, points are awarded based on didactic teaching, both intramural and extramural afforded to the fellows. The scoring criteria is available to all centers applying for a LTF program award.

The application process is an opportunity for programs to showcase the strengths of the program and include information that helps the committee members realize the success of the training. In addition, fellowship programs are advised to critically evaluate their programs and identify areas of improvement to enhance the experience for fellows.

In recent years, several programs have improved their program offerings and the ability of their application to communicate this to the committee such that they have gone from being unfunded to funded or seen their award amount increase. Conversely, other programs have seen a decrease in funding, often because their application does not fully reflect the training experience they offer.

For the 2021-22 award cycle, the Fellowship Committee received 38 applications with 28 programs being awarded. Award amounts vary, based on the relative strength of the application, and reflect the growing reality that funding is decreasing at a time when competition for awards is increasing.

Oversight of the LTF has been a significant focus for the Fellowship Committee. All members of the AO Community are welcome to provide feedback on the Program to Committee members. This includes the award process and the ways in which the program helps fulfill the AO Mission, especially as it relates to fellowship training in North America. 

  • View full list of Long Term Fellowship 2021 Awardees

    Institution Program Director 
    Carolinas Medical Center Madhav Karunakar, MD
    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Milton Little, MD
    Dalhousie University, Halifax Ross Leighton, MD
    Detroit Medical Center/Harper University Hospital Rahul Vaidya, MD, FRCSC
    Indiana University School of Medicine - IU Methodist Trauma Fellowship Roman Natoli, MD, PhD
    Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School Michael Weaver, MD
    McGill University Health Centre/Montreal General Hospital Rudolf Reindl, MD, FRCSC
    MetroHealth Medical Center/Case Western Reserve University John Wilber, MD
     Orthopaedics Indianapolis /OrthoIndy Timothy Weber, MD
     R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Robert O'Toole, MD
     Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Mark Adams, MD
     St. Louis University School of Medicine J. Tracy Watson, MD
     Tampa General Hospital Roy Sanders, MD
     University of California, Davis Mark Lee, MD
     University of California, San Francisco Theodore Miclau, MD
     University of Minnesota Peter Cole, MD, FAAOS
     University of Mississippi Medical Center Matthew Graves, MD
     University of Missouri – Columbia Brett Crist, MD
     University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Mark Calder, MD, MPH, BS
     University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga Warren Gardner, II, MD
     University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Timothy Achor, MD
     University of Texas at San Antonio Boris Zelle, MD
     University of Toronto/Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre David Stephen, MD, FRCSC
     University of Washington David Barei, MD, FRCSC
     Vanderbilt University William T. Obremskey, MD, MPH
     Wake Forest University School of Medicine Eben A. Carroll, MD
     Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Christopher McAndrew, MD, MSc
     Yale University Brad Yoo, MD

Fellows Forum 2021

The AO Trauma North America Fellowship Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the Inaugural Fellows Forum scheduled to be held at the end of May in Bonita Springs, Florida. The forum was originally scheduled in 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID-19. We are confident this year’s program will be a safe, educational, and rewarding experience for all.

A key component of the program involves the research of each Fellow. Fellows from awarded AO Trauma North America Centers submit abstracts in advance which are then graded by members of the AO Trauma NA Fellowship and Research Committees. The top five abstracts are selected as podium presentations at the Forum.

In addition, each Fellow provides a poster of their research, which will be judged on-site. The top five posters present at the podium the second day. Awards are given for Best Abstract and Best Poster Presentation and they are invited back the next year as guest faculty.

Portions of the program will be dedicated to case-based patient scenarios with several sessions designed to help young orthopaedic trauma surgeons navigate the first few years in practice. This includes not only advice and reflection, but also information on how to stay involved in professional organizations such as AO Trauma NA.

The AO Trauma NA Fellows Forum is designed to provide networking opportunities for Fellows to interact with their peers from other institutions and facilitate relationships with AO experts. It will be an invaluable experience the fellows can use to improve patient care and promote collegiality.

Apply Now for Named Fellowship Awards

Henry Hanff Fellowship Award

Henry Hanff Fellowship Award


A short-term AO North America-sponsored fellowship in a North American or European trauma clinic.

Henry Hanff is a long-time AO North America trauma faculty member. He has had an opportunity to teach the AO Principles extensively in North American and Western Europe. This fellowship was created so that other trauma surgeons would have an opportunity to travel and work directly with a particular AO professor.

Jack McDaniel Memorial Fellowship

Jack McDaniel Memorial Fellowship


A short-term AO Trauma North America-sponsored fellowship in a European trauma clinic, this award recognizes a practicing North America resident for exceptional interest in the area of orthopedic trauma.

The history of this fellowship dates back to the late 1970's when North American AO friend and colleague Jack McDaniel was tragically killed in a plane accident in the Sierras. This fellowship was named in his honor and has been awarded, yearly, to a single outstanding surgeon committed to teaching and the clinical practice of fracture surgery, as was Jack himself, an outstanding, practicing surgeon.

John Border Memorial Fellowship

John Border Memorial Fellowship


A short-term AO Trauma North America-sponsored fellowship in a European trauma clinic, this award recognizes a practicing North America resident for exceptional interest in the area of orthopedic trauma with an emphasis on polytrauma.

Dr. Border was a pioneer in trauma research and patient care. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, he joined the University of Buffalo as a member of the department of surgery in 1965. He was Director of the Trauma Service at Erie County Medical Center and Director of University of Buffalo's Trauma Research Program from 1968 until his retirement in 1991, when he became Professor Emeritus of Surgery and Orthopaedics.

Martin Allgöwer Memorial Fellowship

Martin Allgöwer Memorial Fellowship


A short-term AO North America-sponsored fellowship in an AO trauma clinic in Europe, this award recognizes a practicing North America surgeon for exceptional interest in the area of orthopaedic trauma and promotes the sharing of ideas and techniques between North American and European clinical practitioners.

Martin Allgöwer was the leading figure among the AO founders in providing a solid basis of scientific research to the organization. He was one of the founding members of the AO in 1958 and from 1959-1963 served as Head of the Laboratory from Experimental Surgery in Davos. From 1979-1982, he was President of the AO and from 1984-1988, President of AO International. He also served as the first President of the AO Foundation from 1984-1992.

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