AO Trauma International Board recalibrates strategic goals

Ongoing work improves AO Trauma activities globally

The AO Trauma International Board (AO TIB) is charged with coordinating, assessing, and optimizing all activities of the AO Trauma clinical division and reports directly to the AO Foundation Board (AO FB).  Voting members include the chairpersons of the three global commissions (Education, Research and Community Development) and the five regional AO Trauma boards. The AOF president and CEO are permanent guests.

The last two years have required continuous adaptability and agility to maintain our mission. Regions as well as clinical divisions learned from each other’s modified educational and community building activities, with delivery innovations from AO Trauma NA being some of the earliest as well as most enduring throughout the pandemic. 

After nine virtual meetings, most AO TIB members were able to travel to Luzern, Switzerland, in October 2021 for a welcoming, combined meeting with the AO Trauma Education Commission (AO TEC).

Appearing to be arriving at a “new normal,” we chose this time to initiate a review and recalibration of AO Trauma’s strategic goals that were first articulated in 2017 (above). We will be particularly targeting optimizing AO Trauma faculty, fellows, and officer networks.

The AO TIB is charged with communicating important topics and decisions that come down from the AO FB. It’s equally important that we present regional advances or barriers to them, so please continue to share your experiences with the AO TNA Board.

Thanks for the expertise and energy that you bring as an active member of AO Trauma North America.

Michael Baumgaertner, MD

Michael Baumgaertner, MD

AO Trauma International Board Chairperson

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