AO Milestones 2022 Update

AO Milestones Expedition Leader Roger Wilber, MD tells us about this new learning and assessment tool and where it’s headed in the next year

14 February 2022

CTAP, the Competency-based Training and Assessment Program, is now rebranded to “AO Milestones,” reflecting the influence of the ACGME Milestones project on the core modular structure and progressive stepwise nature of the learning experience. 

AO Milestones is a key strategic priority of the AO Foundation and AO Trauma clinical division. The goal is to create a robust learning environment that can allow for practice, feedback, and assessment of knowledge and skills by joining innovative technologies with the expertise and experience of the AO faculty.  

Currently, the AO Milestones steering committee, surgeon taskforce, and staff team are working on the Hip module. In addition to the Hip Module, AO Milestones will cover the ankle, distal radius, femur/tibia diaphyseal, and forearm. The Hip module will be the first module to “go to market.” The learner completes each module by accomplishing the goals of three sections: Fundamentals, Hip Basics, and Hip Procedures.

The goal is to launch the learning experience along with face-to-face skills training labs by July 2022. The Fundamentals and Hip Basics modules were piloted in fall of 2021 within an adaptive digital learning platform. The platform responds to the needs of each learner, recreates at scale the optimal teaching approach of a one-on-one personal tutor, and uses proven data analytics and intelligent technologies to adjust in real-time and deliver an optimal experience. 

The surgeon taskforce is now working on defining and assessing essential skills integral to the program, mainly, those relevant to becoming an orthopedic trauma surgeon. 

The online experience is further augmented by OSapp. OSapp is a virtual and interactive osteosynthesis learning platform that illustrates, educates, and fosters the understanding of the biomechanical principles underlying fracture fixation and bone healing. 

Including OSapp in AO Milestones is the result of an exciting partnership with the AO Research Institute (ARI) to create modules for specific cognitive and skills-based tasks that highlight principles of fracture fixation. Integrating OSapp into the online learning modules will enrich the learning experience and help further our understandings of how we learn.

If you are interested in working on AO Milestones and contributing to the development and implementation of this unique learning experience, contact Roger Wilber, AO Milestones Expedition Leader.

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