AO Trauma NA Education Outlook 2022

Reflecting on progress made in the last year and casting our gaze to 2022 initiatives 

Although the pandemic disrupted AO Trauma NA educational events, we were able to provide increased access for participants through virtual content, saw an increased number of faculty utilized for teaching, and had the opportunity to modify previous course formats faster than previously planned. 

Based on our strategy meeting in May 2020, specific task forces were developed to address different needs for the Trauma Education Committee to optimize workload, increase faculty inclusion, and improve access to our current educational content.  The new task forces include Basic Course Curriculum, Advanced Course Curriculum, Curriculum Oversight, and Content Curation.

While 2021 was mostly virtual, face-to-face events resumed in August 2021 with our Basic and Advanced Practical Skills labs.  Based on the feedback of participants and faculty, the Basic Essentials virtual component transitioned to a two-day live virtual event for module summaries and discussion groups.  This was well-received, and the committee would like to thank Carla Smith and Jason Lowe for their tireless efforts with the Blended Basic Principles Course over the past several months. The plan will be to also transition the Advanced Principles Course from a multiple-week format to a two-day live virtual event.

We still have several hundred residents that have not been able to complete the skills component of the blended course since these events started in October 2020.  We are planning to have make up skills lab sessions to address this need. To minimize the risk of participants having 3-12 months between the virtual and skills components of the Basic and Advanced courses, participants will now sign up for the practical session and virtual session at the same time.

Please keep an eye out for the specialty courses coming in 2022, including the the Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Course in April. Find a full list of 2022 events here.

Finally, AO Trauma NA is hosting the AO World Meeting in Miami May 12-15, 2022 that will include AO Masters level courses in North America. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with international faculty and participants in a great location.


Brett Crist, MD

Chair, AO TNA Education Committee

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