AO North America Launches Podcasting Network

Our first podcast series, AO Trauma NA Trauma Journal club, available now on multiple platforms

09 June 2021

AO North America has launched its first ever podcasting network! Our new hosting platform provides us with the capabilities to push multiple podcast series to every major podcasting platform including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Google. 

This platform also offers API integrations and embed codes that we can use to connect podcasts to our educational systems like MICME and Totara, as well as our website.

As we release different podcasts, we will utilize the platform’s data collection capabilities to learn about our audience’s listening habits (e.g. how often, preferred platforms, etc.) and create podcast content better suited to your interests. 

You can find our first podcast, the AO Trauma NA Journal Club, on your preferred podcasting platform.


AO Trauma NA Journal Club Podcast

During this monthly series, interviews with authors of landmark orthopedic trauma articles are featured and discussed. Each Journal Club session provides an
opportunity to understand what prompted the study, the design of the study, implications to practice, and key takeaways.

While this is the first series to launch on the AO North America Podcasting Network, there are several additional series planned to launch in the coming months, so stay tuned! The Orthopedic Trauma Journal Club podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts.

Click one of the icons below to start listening.

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