Kyla Ortved DVM PhD DACVS DACVSMR Appointed AO VET NA Research Chair

Accomplished University of Pennsylvania large animal surgeon shares her vision for AO VET NA's future in research

17 February 2021


We are pleased to announce that Kyla Ortved, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVSMR has been elected as the next AO VET NA Research Chair.  Dr. Ortved will succeed Denis Marcellin-Little, DEDV, DACVS, DACVSMR who is now the VET representative on the AO North America Board of Directors. We thank Dr. Marcellin-Little for his years of service as the Research Chair. 

Dr. Ortved is an Assistant Professor of Large Animal Surgery at New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania.

She plays an active role in both clinical orthopedics and orthopedic research. Her clinical focus is on equine orthopedic surgery, while her laboratory is focused on developing cell and gene therapies for joint disease, particularly posttraumatic osteoarthritis, using the horse as a model for human disease. 

Dr. Ortved explains, "the AO Foundation has a long history of advancing orthopedics through innovation and development that has benefited both human and veterinary patients worldwide. Research is the basis upon which we as a community are able to push the field of orthopedic surgery forward. As a clinician scientist I hope to build upon this tradition by promoting clinically relevant research by AO VET members and beyond.

"I plan on doing this by fostering interest and skills in the younger generation through outreach, working with the international AO VET community to further develop fellowship and training opportunities, and increasing diversity within AO VET research to cultivate unique ideas and approaches while enabling the organization to provide more representative mentorship to new, upcoming clinician scientists.

"Just recently, I served as a reviewer and panelist for AO VET’s Bridging the Gap: Translating Clinical Research to Clinical Practice, which connected the international AO VET research community and provided several young researchers the opportunity to discuss their work. Our current ability to easily connect online provides ample opportunity for us to build upon these efforts and expand the reach and impact of orthopedic research. I am excited to strengthen AO VET’s presence through support of and dedication to collaborative, translational and impactful research."

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kyla Ortved on her election and wishing her well in her position as a member of the AO VET NA Board.

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