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24 February 2021

The last year has been a challenging time for us all, we have lost family members, friends, patients, and mentors. We in the health care field continue to show up as we have signed on to do. We have been unable to meet in person and we have developed skills with our phones and computers that we thought were the realm of our children or students. I could go on for paragraphs, but you all have lived it, so I congratulate you on your resilience, persistence, and commitment to our patients and your craft.

We have struggled to keep our membership connected as the live courses have been eliminated: there was no gala at the OTA, and our booth was virtual, the new norm. I hope you got a chance to order a new AO Trauma North America jacket to proudly display our new LOGO and celebrate the launch of the interactive AO North America website.

I would like to introduce our new Committee Members who are now four in number and describe to you what they will be working on. We have asked each of them to take up a task force to reach out to the community of orthopaedic surgeons who care for the injured, repair fractures, and reconstruct limbs.

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Case-Based Dinner Discussions

Case-Based Dinner Discussion

You bring the cases, we provide the dinner!

The first case-based dinner discussion was held November 5 in the Chicago area with Drs. Joseph Cohen, Brian Weatherford and Joel Williams as Moderators. This interactive event involved a two-hour Zoom discussion where participants reviewed and discussed cases related to ankle fractures and tibia shaft fractures.

The second offering was to the military in the San Antonio area and chaired by Drs. Justin Fowler and Boris Zelle. This two-hour engaging discussion involved case presentations by Drs. Animesh Agarwal, Eric Verwiebe, and Ravi Karia on femoral neck fractures.

Both offerings provided participants who accepted the Zoom invitation with dinner by sending a $50 Grubhub™ gift certificate on the morning of the event.

Look for future offerings in your area where you bring the cases, we provide the dinner!

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Cases can be approaching and/or recent surgeries that were challenging or thought provoking. If you are interested in being part of this, or helping to organize your own meeting in your region, please join me:

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The end result will be improved patient care on both sides, increased knowledge of local resources, and enhanced networking and collegiality.

Pilot projects are being initiated in San Antonio, the Washington D.C. region, and Northern California. Expansion of the project to additional locations is the goal. If your center is interested in participating, please contact Tom Large for more information:, 704-281-4010.

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The chance to “meet” someone new and assist in all of the above through an Orthopedics Overseas virtual project is coming together. A chance to broaden your horizons and advance education is a win-win!

Do you find that you have perfectly good implants that you no longer use or external fixator parts that you have removed from temporary fixation? Another chance to “recycle” and give back exists if you collect and donate them for sets to be donated to SIGN surgeons worldwide.

If you like organizing and helping to inventory and designate, we have a chance for you as well. Motivated individuals who would like to help coordinate the assembly and dissemination of such kits are needed.

Keep a look out here for more humanitarian projects that you can become involved in right now—even travel bound during the pandemic!

If interested, contact Andrea McClimon through the AO Community Development committee or me directly at:

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Trauma Journal Club

AO Trauma NA Journal Club

Rahul Vaidya, MD, FRCSC

I have handed over the Trauma Journal Club to three capable AO NA members, Andrew Chen, Arun Aneja and Adam Lee. The first meeting with Andy Burgess, Chip Routt and Claude Sagi was a huge success.

Can you imagine these giants of Orthopaedic Surgery discussing their own papers, their ideas and why and how they did the research? What an opportunity to ask them questions. Plus, there is CME if you sign on to the webinar. and if you missed it you can catch it on the AO Trauma North America YouTube channel.

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Mentor Mentee

Arthur Manoli II

Finally, I want to give a shout out to your mentors. None of us could be where we are without caring individuals who lifted us up and passed us their knowledge, support, and time.

I want to share a personal tragedy with you about this. August 19th I was sitting in a lecture at grand rounds at the Detroit Medical Center.

We had finally been able to get one of our former faculty, Arthur Manoli II, the first Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Detroit Receiving Hospital, to give one of his famous lectures on the foot.

A longtime member of AO and Dr. Sigvard Hansen’s first Fellow for Foot and Ankle Surgery, Dr. Manoli gave a formidable summary of his vast experience on one of his favorite foot topics and cases he had treated. I have known Art for almost fifteen years being in Michigan and had his son Arthur III as one of my residents.

I asked him to do a Mentor Mentee (M and M) interview to discuss his history and body of work through the many lectures and meetings he's done, especially at Michigan Orthopaedic Society. He agreed. I should have done it right there.

Unfortunately, he passed no less than three weeks later. I urge you to take thirty minutes of your time and honor your mentors. Many of them are retired or have cut down their practices. They want to talk to you.

The knowledge they have and the messages they give us can calm our frustrations, help us understand we are not the only ones who struggle with cases or patients, and guide us through situations that all these individuals have passed through and succeeded within. Please do an interview with a mentor and I will personally help you set this up. Some are world famous and others are famous only to you—it doesn’t matter. There are no rules, except maybe a twenty minute time limit.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Andrea McClimon and Kelly McCormick for Community Development as well as the rest of the AO staff who all make this possible.

I look forward to working with you.

Rahul Vaidya MD, Detroit, Michigan

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