New AO VET NA Small Animal Online Course: Canine Limb Alignment and Deformity Correction

Learn a novel method of examining appendicular skeleton conditions

16 December 2020

A new online learning opportunity for both practicing veterinary surgeons and residents related to Canine Limb Alignment and Deformity Correction will be launched Monday, January 25, 2021.

Limb deformities and malalignment are some of the most complicated orthopedic conditions to which the veterinary surgeon is exposed.  For years there existed no systematic approach to this problem.  A variety of techniques were described and taught largely based on subjective evaluations.  However, over the past 15 years, an entire field of alignment assessment and correction based on evidence, research, and principles of basic science has emerged known as the Center of Rotation of Angulation (CORA) method.

As this area has been gradually adapted from the human orthopedic field over the previous decade, a gap still exists between how deformity correction has historically been addressed and taught for the veterinary patient and this newly systematic, evidence-based approach. This course will strive to bridge the gap between the older subjective techniques and new, objective methods that have been scientifically validated.

This online course will include the following three weekly sessions:

  • Week 1 - Introduction to concepts of limb alignment assessment
  • Week 2 - Assessing thoracic limb alignment and deformities
  • Week 3 - Assessing pelvic limb alignment and deformities

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