Employee Spotlight: Josh Block, PMP, Project Manager

Written by Andrea Mower, HR

22 December 2020

Joshua “Josh” Block started at AO NA in February of this year.  Josh was hired to lead the digital transformation for the organization.  I sat down with Josh and asked him questions everyone wants to know.  Because Josh is the youngest of his siblings, his parents told him he always thought he was “in charge”—so I guess being our project manager makes perfect sense.  Born in Allentown, PA, Josh was humming the Billy Joel song of the same name from the start of our conversation.  In fact, if Josh had one song to listen to for the rest of his life, it would be “Piano Man”!

Three items he cannot do without on a deserted island are music (he hopes there is power—what part of deserted island does he not understand?), his pillow, and a motorized scooter (again, what part of deserted island does he not understand?). You are getting a kazoo, a pillow, and a folding chair on that island, Josh!

Josh does not have any pets, which I guess is good in case he does go to that island. His favorite sports team is Penn State’s football team. If you are going to make a dessert for Josh it better include peanut butter and chocolate.

On a more serious note, Josh’s COVID-19 advice to us is to not lose sight: it is not forever. Good advice in these trying times.

If you would like to get to know Josh better feel free to contact him at block.josh@aona.org.

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